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  • Talents



    qianglian Porcelain on talent development objectives are: to adhere to the "value of human capital" and the corporate money-capital and other elements of value-added interaction, in the first group high speed, high efficiency development, synchronization is achieved employees personal values​​, and truly reflects the "people-oriented" cultural ideas.




    qianglian Porcelain attaches great importance to staff training and career development planning. In particular to strengthen the backbone of professional managers and business training and development, and comprehensively improve the quality of high-level personnel.




    For the development of a domestic well-known, well-known in Asia, the world-renowned multinational companies, qianglian Porcelain requires a lot of loyalty to the party and the country, loyalty to a strong UMC porcelain, with a strong sense of professionalism and dedication, but also has competitive qualities and skills, able to stand forefront in the field of competition, familiar with international operations and operation team of professional managers. We also need a group to understand business, good management, to adapt to international senior management personnel and various business areas of outstanding professionals.





    qianglian Porcelain strong UMC porcelain with open arms, cordially welcome all kinds of talents to join us.

  • Recruitment


    Position: Human Resources Specialist


         Human Resources Specialist 1 :25-40 years old, male or female, undergraduate (including) above, related majors.



    Position: Mechanical operation of skilled workers


         Skilled machining 2: 40 years old, male or female, high school (including) above, more than one year experience in metal processing work, mainly engaged in lathe work (mainly for turning, drilling, wash workers).


    These positions officer Location: Luxi Jiangxi porcelain Industrial City


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