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Jiangxi Qianglian Electric Porcelain Joint-stock Co. Ltd is located in Pingxiang city-a century production base of electric ceramics in Jiangxi province. The company cover a total area of over 365,000 and the building area of over 165,000 . Total assets up to 397million.Annual production capacity up to 280million. At present,it is one of the biggest comprehensiveness porcelain manufacturer in demestic. The company apply advanced technology of isostatic cool pressing,and use ultra-high strength ingredient.It owns advanced spray drying tower, cold isostatic press machine,full-automatic digital felting machine,full-automatic flow control ,isothermality super-speed drawer kiln and a whole set of inspection equipment. Jiangxi Qianlian is the leading enterprises and the only one enterprise to apply cold isostatic press technology in Jiangxi electric porcelain industry.

The company was established in 2006,it is built by seven key scale enterprises. In 2011, the company formed holding strategic cooperative partnership with Listed Company- Zhejiang Jinlihua Electric Joint-Stock Limited Company (JLH).It is the leading enterprises in Jiangxi electric porcelain industry. It is also the one of enterprises in domestic China to apply technology of isostatic cool pressing to produce ultra-high voltage solid-core porcelain insulator.

Jiangxi Qianglian Electric Porcelain Joint-stock Co.Ltd own top-level technical personnel and impeccable inspection equimpment.The company has an intact quality assurance system,has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication, ISO14001:2004 environment management system,OHSAS18001:2007 occupation health safety management system. It also has a provincial level engineering and technological research,the products had get the national-level appraisal and pass the prototype test by China National Centre for Quality Supervision and Surge Arresters.At present,there are a line of isostatic cool pressing production and a line of high-strength suspension procelain insulators production. A ultra-high voltage transmission porcelain insultors line had come into operation now, it will form a integrated industry scale to test,develop,produce high strengthen porcelain insulators to meet maket requirement.

In the successful use of cold isostatic pressing molding technology R&D basis,the company innovated and developed a kind of “clean type,high strengh,and light-weight”porcelain insulators for high-speed electrified railways use.This kind of product is the only insulator currently produced by technology of isostatic cool pressing in China,it is appointed key supply product by railway department.

All products had respectively passed the technical appraisement of JiangXi Science and Technology Bureau,The Chinese Ministry of Railways and China Electricity Council. 220KV-550KV series rod post insulators had reached the leading level in domestic and advanced level in international.It also won the independent innovation product certification,and the outstanding scientific and technological new product certification and national patent of invention.The 550KV series anti-pollution rod post insulators had been approved“National Key New Product’ by National Ministry of Science and Technology.It was named the first prize of scientific and technological progress of PingXiang Science and Technology Bureau and the third prize of Jiangxi Science and Technology Bureau.At present, the company has two products patent and seven new pattern practical patent for invention.

The company was enroled the innovation-based pilot enterprises and by Jiangxi province in 2010.The application of high and new tech enterprises had been enroled to 2013 acceptance inspection. 

The company establish impeccable marketing network,had built long-term operation relations with electrical companies in twenty provinces in domestic.The products have been exported to Iran, the United Kingdom,USA,India,Sweden,Russia,

Australian,Burma,the west of Africa.  

With science and technology as the guide,innovation as the driving force is our business philosophy; Meet customer requirements is our business principle; Make first-class products, create first-class performance is our responsibility. We believe,high quality products always get trusted by customers.    



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