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252kV-550kV stain type of outdoor post insulators of ceramic rod through the national identification


July 11 by jiangxi qianglian electric porcelain CO., Ltd developed the 252kV-550kV Fog type outdoor rod-type insulators in Pingxiang City of Jiangxi passed by the China Electricity Council, chaired appraisal from China Electric Power Research Institute, Wuhan high Voltage Research Institute, the National quality Supervision and inspection Center insulator arrester, power industrial power quality testing equipment and instrumentation testing center, the State grid Corporation, Henan Ping Gao Electric Co., Ltd., new Northeast Electric (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. high-voltage isolation switch, Ltd. Shandong Taikai isolation switch, Guilin power Capacitor Co., Ltd. and other relevant units of the authority of experts appraisal committee.
     Expert appraisal committee conducted a field test of the product and testing data on R & D and product technology itemized review, agreed that the products meet the national technical standards, technologies, processes, product performance compared with the similar techniques have reached the advanced level .

Participants report that the experts to learn more about the product.

National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center insulator arrester Peng product inspection expert risk evaluation.

Participants listened to the high-voltage switchgear products company leading technical presentations.

Participants of the provincial power company experts fully affirmed the product.


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