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Pingxiang port enterprises led the formation of electrical porcelain porcelain industry in Jiangxi Province Chamber of Commerce

 March 1 , fireworks in the sky and the deafening sound of firecrackers , Jiangxi porcelain trade associations in Luxi County, Pingxiang City, Town formally established. This indicates that the above Town porcelain porcelain enterprise-based power industry, I will not only have the ability to continue to occupy the country , porcelain market share of 60 percent , there will be a better group of advantages to go abroad and earn more money.
   Jiangxi porcelain has a long history , as early as 1905 , porcelain products in Luxi County, Jiangxi Province advent , it has been 100 years , during which the city has set up various types of Luxi County Chamber of porcelain , the region 's development and growth of traditional industries make a contribution. To the 1990s, Luxi county porcelain enterprises reached more than 100 ports on a single region alone, about 80 , following the production 500KV high voltage electrical porcelain sets, pillars , lines, power stations and chemical ceramic insulators 40 multiple series over 600 varieties of local people and the entire region has created enormous wealth. After the market and their own temper positive developments , including high-strength , Universal, Watertown , Huapeng , South, porcelain and other enterprises, including the Fifth , gradually bigger and stronger.

    However , for some time , porcelain products sales market has been the emergence of a mutual peer companies lower prices and dumping of disorderly competition will be seriously disrupted the normal order of market , the majority of electrical porcelain enterprises suffer. In this case , Luxi County Chamber of electrical porcelain industry timely countermeasures, seek common ground, and seek common development , develop the local industry , " about rules" , effectively safeguarding the interests of enterprises .
   With the first two years of the completion of the national rural power grids and domestic competitive pressures increase, the Chamber of Commerce and actively organize Luxi porcelain exports , so that some of the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe , Africa and other more than 40 countries and regions. Late last year, a member linked to a large sell orders in Africa , through the Chamber of Commerce, coordinating, organizing simultaneous production enterprises to ensure on time delivery , both to keep the market, but also benefit the many peer companies .
   Formal establishment of Jiangxi porcelain industry associations from more than 40 member companies , under the Jingdezhen and Luxi County , Town , South Kengzhen, Luxi town three chapters , the annual output value of 600 million yuan or more. [ Pingxiang Taiwan Affairs Office of Economics ]


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