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Electrified railway light porcelain insulator
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Electrified railway Lightweight porcelain insulators

Electrified railway Lightweight porcelain insulators

 The company in the country for the first time using the international advanced level of cold isostatic dry forming a series of advanced technology, advanced equipment and scientific management, and the use of ultra-high strength matched alumina ceramic material formulation, strength of porcelain 220-230MPa or more. Formed with wet compared to similar products, the product of bending fracture strength increased by 30%, weight 15%, if we adopt the same rod diameter, bending fracture strength increased by 50%. The company's products meet and exceed the number of performance indicators Railways professional standards, national standards and IEC standards accordingly.
    June 21, 2009 passed the Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department at the Ministry of Railways expert appraisal of new products held in Beijing, is currently only using isostatic dry production process railway rod products.
    First, the main technical parameters
    1 , the main technical parameters of the contact suspension
( 1 ) point of contact wire suspension height : 5300mm
( 2 ) Main Line Pillar Side Bound : not less than 3100mm
    2 , catenary 25kV insulation level shall comply with the following requirements:
( 1 ) catenary insulation creepage distance not less than 1400mm.
( 2 ) up and down the catenary insulation distance between live parts is generally not less than 2000mm, difficulty of not less than 1600mm.
    3 , line height of the catenary structure : general 1600mm, difficult circumstances shortest dropper length less than 500mm.
    4 , generally at 55m span considered. Anchorage span joints conversion circuit according to the actual situation by checking windage and elevation quantity determining the wire . Span across the line by the structure under the building height and the length of the shortest dropper OK. Bridge span to be based on the form of a bridge across the hole with OK.
5 , line anchor length does not exceed 2 × 700m. Station line does not exceed 2 × 800m. Catenary , contact wire tension increment of 5% of the design. Additional maximum wire length of anchor 2000m.
6 , Chengdu East Railway Station ( including positive line ) center anchor knot with anti- channeling anti-breaking form , reaching into engineering center anchor knot with anti- channeling anti-breaking form .
7 , catenary anchor compensation device transmission efficiency of ≥ 95%.
8 , catenary install security verification requirements: pantograph dynamic envelope sloshing around volume values ​​: linear as 250mm, curve 350mm; difficulties in accordance with the relevant international standards pantograph dynamic envelope for accounting. Suspension anchor point to work at the maximum contact wire uplift Zanan 160mm consideration.
9 , the value of being pulled straight line generally use ± 300mm, curve does not exceed 400mm.


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