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Zhejiang Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. to become the largest controlling shareholder qianglian Porcelain

      Zhejiang Jinli Electric Co., Ltd. to 14.8 million yuan acquisition of jiangxi qianglian electric porcelain CO., Ltd53.917% stake; thereafter, again qianglian Porcelain increase in registered capital of 34.6 million yuan; this equity transfer price, to increase the registered capital and intermediary costs related to the sum of the total investment for the project is expected to be 49.8 million yuan. 

       Jiangxi qianglian Porcelain has built two rod post cold isostatic pressing production line and put into production, for the sake of greater development, intends to invest in the construction of Jiangxi qianglian Porcelain voltage level of 220kV and below wet rod post production lines, construction of cold isostatic dry Large casing insulator production line. However, due to funding constraints and related technologies, existing production capacity has not been fully released, not scheduled to carry out the proposed project. The successful acquisition of Jiangxi Jinlihua power if strong UMC porcelain, will use its funds, technology development, quality management, cost control, and other areas, while expanding the company and Jiangxi qianglian Porcelain production scale, while the two sides in the product, operations, technology , markets, services and other fields to achieve complementary of each other. 

      Jin Lihua said the acquisition of Jiangxi qianglian Porcelain, the new company will be the new cast 220kV and below voltage wet rod post production line, cold isostatic dry large bushing insulator production line; Pingxiang Luxi clay and use of resources and has begun to take scale production base porcelain insulators.


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