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The company won the bid for the State Grid Corporation of eastern Inner Mongolia Power Company Limited in 2010 bidding projects

  My company in 2010 in the State Grid Corporation of eastern Inner Mongolia Electric Power Co., 2010 Third bidding, the winning project were:

        -550 KV Chek South yuanbaoshan change change - pingzhuang variable - Variable Transmission Engineering pingzhuang Chukyo change expansion project:

        220kV through the West becomes new construction:

        Variable Chifeng Jinchanggouliang 220 kV transmission project:

        220 kV Xinhui variable expansion project:

        Chifeng northern 220 kV grid engineering:

        220 kV Jinchanggouliang becomes new construction:

        220 kV Tianshan variable expansion project:

        Haidong 220 kV substation expansion project:

        220kV substation expansion project ganjig:

        220kV substation spit Lu also new construction:

        Hulunbeier treasure Baorixile friendship substation substation 220 kV power transmission project.


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