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General Manager Liu Xiaoxing get

   Recently, Pingxiang City, the first top ten economic figures released. After all localities and units recommended, Internet voting, expert assessment and careful investigation, jiangxi qianglian electric porcelain CO., Ltd general manager Liu Xiaoxing other ten business managers access to "top ten economic personalities" honor. July 14, Pingxiang City of Industry and Information Technology Commission, Pingxiang City Business Association two person in charge, together with the media reporter and his party Pingxiang less than ten people, respectively, drove to my company, general manager of the company sent a certificate and imitation crystal glass made ​​Secretary square bronze crafts, crystal Fangding inscribed with "Pingxiang first ten economic personalities" words.
         The award ceremony will be held in the corporate conference room, simple instructions, then it is a simple award. The atmosphere there is no luxury and style, but on behalf of the certificate and the honor Fangding is true and extraordinary, that was the winner in Pingxiang city transformation and promote economic restructuring, vigorously implement the strategy of prospering city made ​​outstanding contributions reflected.


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