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Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary Su Rong visited qianglian Porcelain Company



August 17 to 18 , in Pingxiang City Party Secretary Su Rong stressed that research , the current implementation of General Secretary Hu Jintao , " three guarantees a carry forward the " requirements, make every effort to ensure growth, people's livelihood , maintaining stability of the work , with particular Note that to ensure growth and adjusting structure, promoting reform together , and strive to become the international financial crisis to seize the opportunity of the development phase and adjusting structure, promoting reform of the critical period . Unity of thinking , strengthen confidence, solid progress, careful operation , earnestly carry out the reform of state-owned industrial enterprises . Provincial CPC Committee Secretary Zhao Zhiyong and provincial departments responsible comrades accompanying research.

During the investigation, Su Rong investigated qianglian Porcelain Co., Ltd. Pingxiang understanding of the situation to promote economic development zone projects . qianglian Porcelain is a state-owned enterprise restructuring , based on the establishment of high-tech private enterprise restructuring . Company general manager Liu Xiaoxing detailing the restructuring and reorganization , the company actively introduce high-tech talent, and Tsinghua University joint research and other research institutions to develop a national new product . Su Rong Gaoxing to say that you in the restructuring of enterprises , workers compensation in place , social insurance premiums paid in full , most of the original staff induction , staff satisfaction, business development, promote social stability, the reform proved to be successful . I hope you put the adjustment of product structure, promote enterprise development combine to further expand the market, rapidly expand .



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