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Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Organization Department Hoking inspections qianglian Porcelain Company

Left a party secretary Liu is a figure of peace Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the Organization Hoking the right one for the company general manager Liu Xiaoxing
      May 26 Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the Organization , Provincial -depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities deputy head of the Leading Group Office of Ren Hongjiang , the second batch of in depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities Luxi County point of contact investigation and study guide study and practice activities . She stressed the need to work closely with the current situation and the local realities , and promote the study and practice activities to ensure growth, people's livelihood , maintaining stability and make new contributions , with outstanding achievements to greet the 60th anniversary of founding of new China .
Deputy Minister of Provincial Party Committee Organization Department , the provincial study and practice of leadership team members and office deputy director Zhang Baoyu , former regiment Provincial Committee, Provincial Office of Comprehensive study and practice group leader Xiao Hongbo , the provincial inspection group guidance group IV long , provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, deputy chairman Zhang Younan legal accompany research. Party Secretary Liu Heping , deputy secretary Yan Dewen , Municipal Committee, Organization Department of Luxi County Chen Song far and responsible comrades accompanied by research .
26 afternoon, Hoking his entourage arrived strong UMC porcelain, Hoking told local party responsible comrades to continue the development of enterprises to create a good political environment , to help enterprises solve their practical difficulties and support enterprises to increase market competitiveness.


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